Magdalena Mezlova


1993-1997 - The Secondary school of Arts and Industrial, specialisation for woodcarving
1997 - Higher learning school of Arts and Industry, specialization for woodcarving and restoration of wood
1998 - 2000 - The Academy of Fine Arts, specialization for restoration of sculpture works
( Head: doc Petr Siegel)
2001- one year study stay in The Great Britain, London
2003 - Kuvataideakatemia (studio of prof.Radoslav Grytta) Hesinki, Finland
Schollarship Erasmus-Sokrates
2001 – 2004 - The Academy of Fine Arts (AVU), studio of Figural sculpturing and plakets
( Heads prof. Jan Hendrich )
2004 - Diploma degree, graduation

Works and activities

1997 - GCE work was stylized wood plastic of the salamander.
1998 - In the first year of study in AVU was choosen my design of St. Agnes,as a gift from Knighthy Order Krizovnici with Red Star for Holy Father in Vatican.
1999 - Member of the working team in Prague - reconstruction of Charles bridge, sculpture of St. Venceslav
2004 – 2005 - Teaching as a lector of the art course- woodcarving in the Cultural center Zahrada in
2007 - Reconstruction and restoring of sendstone crucifix in Vrsovice u Loun


1997 - Letohrad (together with sister Marketa)
2000 - Prague 1, Gallery of Křížovníků - St. Agnes of Bohemia
2003 - Kralupy, Independant exhibition called BEBECHY - stone, plaster and ceramic work at church of Czech religion
2004 - Prague 7, Exhibition of graduated students at the new reconsructed building of Academy of Fine Arts, The Modern Gallery
2004 - Policka, Exhibition of graduated students in Policka, Art salon.
2008 - Exhibition of sculptore things (woodcurving, stone, ceramics) and enamel jewells in Museum of Czech village in Peruc
2013 - Exhibition on KC Pradelna, Gallery Prague 5
2014 - Exhibition SPIRO IN / EX SPIRO - Gallery U Kunstatu


MgA. Magdalena Mézlová
tel : +420 777 289 190